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This is about the internet site of Omics.org:

 - Jong Bhak


The background of Omics.org site is Bio- and -Omics domain site propagation on the internet.

Omics.org has an indirect root to a bioinformatics research server that has been running since around 1995.
The server was maintained by a conceptual lab called Biomatics Lab that was created in 1995. The lab was a sub lab of MRC centre in Cambridge. The main researchers involved in the bioinformatic knowledge concept, directly and indirectly, were Drs. Tim Hubbard, Steve Brenner, Alex Bateman, Astrid Reinhardt, Sarah Teichmann, and Jong Bhak.

The actual omics.org was registered in 2003.

There have been several omics name producers in bioinformatics field since mid 1990s on the internet. One of them was Jong Bhak who have been coining Bio- and -omics terms in Cambridge UK, Harvard Medical school USA, EMBL-EBI, and KAIST, Daejeon, Korea. 

All the names, concepts, and theories Jong Bhak proposed are under BioLicense. In other words he does not claim that any of those are original or created by Jong Bhak. In other words, any omes and omics terms systematically generated by a person (here, Jong Bhak), it is not accepted to say that those terms were originated by him or her. Jong Bhak produced a Perl program to produce all possible omes and omics terms to biological words from dictionaries (text file used in UNIX) and systematically looked at new possibly meaningful omes and omics.

All omices terms generated by Jong Bhak are under BioLicense. It is the result of synthesis of words with the concepts already around. Probably many people concurrently thought of and coined independently throughout the world.
If you have been coining and proposing xx-omics, please put your name below:
(It does not necessarily endow you any originality, though)

The actual server site was on operation intermittently and the present server was set up by a few wiki programs. The last one (in Oct. 2006) is run by Mediawiki based Biowiki package.

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