From billion dollar genomics to $0 dollar genomics


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From Billion dollar genomics to $0 dollar genomics: lowering the cost to below $1 per human genomics.

Jong Bhak 



It took 3 billion US dollars to produce a draft Caucasian genome in 2001. The cost of one human genome will be close to zero in the near future due to social subsidy and technical innovations. We predict that it will take one dollar per genome in the next 10 years resulting in 7 billion USD to accomplish it. With accompanying phenome, transcriptome, metabolome, proteome, epigenome, diseaseome, textome, and psychome, the total cost can be close to10 billion US dollars. To make it feasable, one can take either performing PGP (Personal Genome Project) to voluntarily donate all the information and possibly cost or lower the cost to practically to $0. We suggest that it is possible and inevitable that $0 genomics is a viable option. By providing advertisement revenue by many companies not restricted to bio-medical sectors can subsidize it while the return can be sufficiently profitable to the participating companies. Technologically, the cost of sequencing requires a large scale automation and cheap electricity. Overall, with massively parallel sequencing approach one can put the logistics cost down to $1. The phenome and psychome data will be collected volunteer basis while eventually the total phenome can be indirectly acquired and analyzed by internet usage records of the humanity.


PaperID: 20150106.06:59.JongBhak


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