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  • ...ermission from us.'''</font></font></font><br/> <!-- Saved in parser cache with key Biolicense-Biolicense:pcache:idhash:1654-0!1!0!!en!2 and timestamp 2008 <div class="printfooter">&nbsp;</div> [[Category:Pages with broken file links]]
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  • &nbsp;[[File:Omics matrix and integromics 20061103.gif|thumb|347x253px|This image is Fre"font-size:16px;">Ome is data while omics is programs.</span><br/> [[File:Ome versus omics graph by Jong Bhak openfree.gif|thumb|341x245px|Ome versus
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  • ...istant to cleavage and the double-stranded structure provides the molecule with a built-in duplicate of the encoded information. ...i/Binding_site binding site]. As the strands are not symmetrically located with respect to each other, the grooves are unequally sized. One groove, the maj
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