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<p><strong><font size="3"><font size="5">Omics<font size="4">.org</font> </font>is&nbsp;an <em><font color="#c0c0c0">[[openfree]]</font></em>&nbsp;wiki site for [[omes]] and [[omics]] in Biotechnology and Bioscience. <br />
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<p><font color="#999999"><strong><font size="3">A biological revolution in the way we understand ourselves and relatives.</font> </strong></font></p>
<table style="HEIGHT: 39px" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" summary="" border="1">
            <td>Please use Omics.org portal site&nbsp;<strong>freely and openly</strong> for developing and building up ideas and software. You can host your own omics sites (also your own group/lab site) here. Omics&nbsp; related companies are welcome to put advertisements.<br />
            Feel&nbsp; free to add or modify omes and omics fields and external links.</td>
<p>[[Image:Omics matrix and integromics 20061103.gif|thumb|This image is Free for all. Under copylefted BioLicense]]</p>
<h1><strong><font size="4">Definition of Omics</font></strong></h1>
    <li>[[What is omics]] in biology? </li>
    <li>[[Omes and Omics]] </li>
    <li>[[Omes and Omics people]] </li>
    <li>[[Acceptance of the concepts of omes and omics by biologists and systems scientists]] </li>
    <li>[[History of Omics]] </li>
    <li>[[Omics asks researchers to be openfree]]. </li>
<h1><strong><font size="4">List of Omics and [[Omics projects]]</font></strong></h1>
    <li><strong>[[Alphabetically ordered list of omes and omics]]:</strong> </li>
    <li><strong>[[Pseudo-omes and Pseudo-omics]]</strong> </li>
<h1><font size="4"><strong>Register Your Omics here.</strong></font></h1>
<p><font size="4"><font size="3">&nbsp; You are welcome to put your new [[Omics name registry|omics here]]. Or in the&nbsp;<strong><font size="2">[[Alphabetically ordered list of omes and omics]]</font></strong></font></font></p>
<p><font size="4"><font size="3">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [http://omicist.org Omicists]: omics people<br />
</font>&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://biowiki.net/hypome/index.php/Main_Page">Hypomics</a>&nbsp; </font></p>
<h1><font size="4"><strong><br />
Omics Background &amp; History</strong></font>&nbsp;</h1>
    <li>[[Omics, Systems biology and Bioinformatics]] </li>
    <li>[[Relationship with Systems Biology]] </li>
    <li>[[Omics trend]]: pubmed hits for omics etc.<br />
<h1><strong><font size="4">[[Omics classification]]: hierarchical</font></strong></h1>
    <li><strong>[[Genomics]] category</strong> </li>
    <li><strong>[[Arenayomics (RNAomics) category]]</strong>
        <li>[[Transcriptomics category]] </li>
    <li><strong>[[Proteomics category]]</strong> </li>
    <li><strong>[[Ligandomics]] category</strong>
        <li>[[Glycomics]] </li>
    <li>[[Expressomics]] category </li>
    <li>[[Chromatinomics]] </li>
    <li>[[Regulomics]] </li>
    <li>[[Cytomics]] </li>
    <li>[[Cryobionomics]] </li>
    <li>[[Interactomics]] </li>
    <li>[[Phenomics category]] </li>
    <li>[[Psychogenomics]] </li>
    <li>[[Functomics category]] </li>
    <li>[[Textomics category]] </li>
    <li>[[Transgenomics]] </li>
    <li>[[Integromics]] </li>
    <li>[[Sociomics ]] </li>
    <li>[[Otheromics]] </li>
    <li>[[vaccinomics]] </li>
<h1><strong><font size="4">[[Omics Opinions]]</font></strong></h1>
    <li><font size="3">[http://www.ucl.ac.uk/Pharmacology/dc-bits/omics.pdf Too many omics?]</font> </li>
    <li>[[Pseudo-omics and Nonsensomics]] </li>
<font size="4"><strong><br />
[[Omicist]]s and omists&nbsp;<br />
</strong><font size="3">[[Omician]] and omists are people who study omes and omics. You can put your name in this [[omists list]].<br />
</font><br />
<strong>Omics&nbsp;conferences</strong><br />
<font size="3">►[http://apctp.org/focus/2007/Biological_Complex_Systems/index.htm#4 Biological Complex Systems]. Nov. 2007. Busan, Korea.<br />
►[http://www.omics.ch/ Omics.ch]:</font><font size="1"> Omics: Assembling Systems Biology, 24-28 June 2007 Centro Stefano Franscini (Switzerland) </font><br />
<br />
<strong>[[Omics Databases]]</strong><br />
</font><font size="4"><br />
<strong>[[Omics References]]</strong><br />
</font><font size="2">[http://bio.cc/BiO/bioCC_jongbhak_20060901.pdf BioCC paper in Genomics and Informatics journal]</font>&nbsp; |&nbsp; [[BioCC: an openfree hypertext community cluster for biology]]<br />
<br />
<font size="4"><strong>[[Omics News]]</strong></font><br />
<br />
<br />
<h1><font size="4"><strong>External sources</strong></font></h1>
    <li>[http://biosite.org Biosite.org]. The openfree bioportal for biosites. </li>
    <li>[http://biodomain.org Biodomain.org]: BioXXX or Bio[.+] projects list.&nbsp; </li>
    <li>[http://www.liebertpub.com/publication.aspx?pub_id=43 Omics journal] </li>
    <li>[http://bioinfo.mbb.yale.edu/what-is-it/omes/omes.html Omes table] from Yale university. </li>
    <li>[http://wikiomics.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikiomics] : <a class="external text" title="http://www.godziklab.org" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.godziklab.org/">Godzik lab</a> at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research in San Diego, California, USA. </li>
    <li>[http://sysbio.med.harvard.edu/ Systems Biology at Harvard] </li>
    <li>[http://www.nature.com/omics/index.html Nature magazine Omics Gateway] </li>
    <li>[http://www.omicsworld.com/ Omicsworld.com] </li>
    <li>[http://www.argosbiotech.de/700/omics/Xomics.htm X-ome and X-omics] </li>
    <li><font size="2">[http://omicspace.riken.jp/ OmicBrowse] RIKEN </font>Genomic Sciences Center, <font size="2">Genome-Phenome Superbrain Project (GPSP)</font> </li>
    <li>[http://www.genomicglossaries.com/content/omes.asp CHI in USA] </li>
<hr width="100%" size="2" />
<p>[http://bioinformatics.ws Bioinformatics.ws] | [http://networkbiology.org Networkbiology] | [http://biosite.org Biosite] | [http://bvio.com Bvio] |[http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide User's Guide]| [http://biopedia.org Biopedia] | [http://bioproject.org Bioproject] | [http://www.kobic.re.kr KOBIC] | <strong><font size="1">[[Special:statistics|Statistics]] </font></strong></p>

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