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Definition of Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a discipline of science and engineering that analyses, seeks understanding and models the whole life as an information processing phoenomenon utilizing energy with methods from philosophy, mathematics and computer science using biological experimental data. -Jong Bhak

Short definition of bioinformatics

Omics approach using bioinformatics:
The various –omics fields in biology are under the broad term of bioinformatics.
 They all aim to understand molecules as networks. The essence of such omics study lines in networks and the interactions of nodes within the networks.
Therefore, genomics is not just collecting all the information of genes but studying their relationships, controls, and emergent properties.
Five domains of Bioinformatics: Another scheme is on how we represent the data. Large-scale biological data can be represented in different forms for different computation and analysis.
The common ones are:
1) Sequence.
2) Structure.
3) Interaction.
4) Expression.
5) Function. | Biopedia | Biocourse | Biosite

See BiO center's bioinformatics site: