Why I protest?

From Omics.org

Why do biological beings protest?

- Jong Bhak

Protesting is an interesting behaviour among living objects.

It is a long term investment of resources and it requires some perception of essential principles of life.

The protestor predicts that protesting will eventually benefit the survival of the individuals, populations, and species

transcending generations: protesting is not only an individual behaviour, it often aims to enhance the efficiency of the existence of the whole



It involves precise and accurate assessment of the environment and principles latent in the universe. The protestors

compute and decide and act on to change the environment rather than passively selected by the given environment.


Protesting is one of the most powerful optimization algorithms for biological beings as it needs rational thoughts,

clear decisions, courage to execuate risking its own survival, and perception on the architecture of the universe.

The risk taking can bring a high level of reward to its offspring and the course of species expansion.

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