Synaptogenomics' is a concept that has been proposed in order to define the systematic analysis of variations in genes encoding proteins involved in synaptic plasticity mechanisms. 
It has been proposed that it will be helpful for the identification of novel causal and susceptibility genes for neuropsychiatric disorders and other neurocognitive phenotypes. There are more than 220 articles in PubMed (the main database of peer-reviewed scientific papers in biomedical research) describing results of explorations of polymorphisms in several synaptic genes (such as GRIN1, GRIN2B, CREB1, SNAP25, BDNF, among others) in different neuropsychiatric disorders (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, autism, ADHD, among others). These analyses are important in the context of many previous investigations that show that many of these disorders are related to dysfunction of the synaptic plasticity mechanisms (called "synaptopathies") and that have strong hereditary components, which can be explored with the powerful methodological tools of the genomics field and other non-biased systematic approaches.

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