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<font size="4"><font size="3">'''20100726:''' [[Totalomics_Solution_launched_for_biosequencing_to_bioinformatics|Totalomics Solution launched for biosequencing to bioinformatics]]</font></font>
<font size="4"><font size="3">'''20090730''': [[Crocodile_genome_map_published_in_BMC_Genomics|Crocodile genome map published in BMC Genomics]].<br/> 20090724: DNA Sequencing and&nbsp;Array Drive 8% Growth for Roche in First Half of 2009. [[454_GS_FLX|454 GS FLX]] and [[Nimblegen|Nimblegen]]. [ [1]]'''<br/> '''20090724''': BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) in China participates in orchid genome ('''''<b>[[Phalaenopsis_equestris|Phalaenopsis equestris]]) ''sequencing. [ [2]]<br/> 20090716: Navigenics Lowers Health Compass Price to $999 USD. [ [3]]<br/> 20090716: Celera Uses&nbsp;Automated Workflows for Genomics [ [4]]<br/> 20090716: [[A_draft_genomic_sequence_for_a_worm,_Schistosoma_japonicum,_was_published|A draft genomic sequence for a worm, Schistosoma japonicum, was published]].<br/> 20090716: Genomes Of Parasitic Flatworms Decoded: ''Schistosoma mansoni'' and ''Schistosoma japonicum'' [ [5]]''</b><br/> '''20090716''': <!-- a href=;z=950242273 target=_parent><b>Exxon join with DNA pioneer to develop algae biofuels</b></a -->'''''</font>'''''[[|'''<font color="#0066cc" size="3">Exxon join with DNA pioneer to develop algae biofuels</font>''']]<font size="3">&nbsp;<br/font> '''<br/> <font size="3">20090715''': [[Pathway_Genomics|Pathway Genomics]] starts the Direct-to-Consumer Genomics service as 23andme and Decodeme [ [6]]'''<br/> '''20090714''': OryzaSNP Consortium IDs Thousands of Variants in Rice Genome: [ [7]]&nbsp;'''<br/> '''20090709''': The second Korean pesonal genome was published by a team of Korean and US researchers (Macrogen and Seoul University Medical School)'''<br/> '''20090630''': [[Genomic_linkage_map_of_the_human_blood_fluke_Schistosoma_mansoni|Genomic linkage map of the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni]]:&nbsp; '''</font>''<font size="3">'''Genome Biology'' 2009, '''10''<i>10'</i>''':'''R71<span class="pseudotab">doi:10.1186/gb-2009-10-6-r71</span>&nbsp;<br/> '''20090616''': Illumina Launches Personal Genome-Sequencing Service Using Genome Analyzer II. [ [8]]<br/> '''20090603''': [[Neanderthal_genome_sequeced_by_MPI_Germany_and_Roche|Neanderthal genome sequeced by MPI Germany and Roche]]<br/> '''20090601''': Microsoft buys Rosetta Biosoftware from Merck. Merck becomes the client of Microsoft.<br/> '''20090526''': The first Korean Genome Sequence analysis result published in [ Genome Research article]<br/> '''20081204''': [ Korean Genome Publicized]&nbsp;<br/> '''2007''': [ 복지부 유전체 사업 갈팡질팡]</font></font><br/> &nbsp;

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