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<p><strong>'''Cytomics</strong> ''' is the study of cell systems (cytomes) at a single cell level. It combines all the bioinformatic knowledge to attempt to understand the molecular architecture and functionality of the cell system (<font color="#810081">[[Cytome</font>]]). Much of this is achieved by using molecular and microscopic techniques that allow the various components of a cell to be visualised as they interact <em>''in vivo</em>''.</p><p><a id  ="See_also" name="See_also"></a></p><h2><span class="mw-headline">See also</span></h2>==<ul> <li>*[[Omics|Omics]] </li> <li>*<font color="#810081">[[Cytome|Cytome]]</font> </li> <li>*[[Genomics|Genomics]] </li> <li>*[[Interactomics|Interactomics]] </li> <li>*[[Proteomics|Proteomics]] </li> <li>*[[Metabolomics|Metabolomics]] </li> <li>*[[Lipidomics|Lipidomics]] </li> <li>*[[EuroPhysiome|EuroPhysiome]] </li> <li>*[[Human_Genome_Project|Human Genome Project]] </li> <li>*[[Flow_cytometry|Flow cytometry]] </li> <li>*[[Microscopy|Microscopy]] </li> <li>*[[Tissue_microarray|Tissue microarray]] </li></ul><p><a id ="References" name="References"></a></p><h2><span class="mw-headline">References</span></h2>==<ul> <li>*Bernas T, Gregori G, Asem EK, Robinson JP., Integrating cytomics and proteomics, Mol Cell Proteomics. 2006 Jan;5(1):2-13. </li> <li>*Davies E, Stankovic B, Azama K, Shibata K, Abe S., Novel components of the plant cytoskeleton: A beginning to plant &quot;"cytomics&quot;", Plant Science, Invited Review, Plant Science 2001; (160)2: 185-196. </li> <li>*Chen X, Velliste M, Murphy RF., Automated interpretation of subcellular patterns in fluorescence microscope images for location proteomics, Cytometry A. 2006 Jul;69(7):631-40. </li> <li>*Herrera G, Diaz L, Martinez-Romero A, Gomes A, Villamon E, Callaghan RC, O'connor JE., Cytomics: A multiparametric, dynamic approach to cell research, Toxicol In Vitro. 2006 Jul 22. </li> <li>*Kriete A., Cytomics in the realm of systems biology, Cytometry A. 2005 Nov;68(1):19-20. </li> <li>*Murphy RF., Cytomics and location proteomics: automated interpretation of subcellular patterns in fluorescence microscope images, Cytometry A. 2005 Sep;67(1):1-3. </li> <li>*Schubert W., Cytomics in characterizing toponomes: towards the biological code of the cell, Cytometry A. 2006 Apr;69(4):209-11. </li> <li>*Valet G, Tarnok A, Cytomics in predictive medicine, Cytometry, 2003, 53B: 1-3. </li> <li>*Valet G, Predictive medicine by cytomics and the challenges of a human cytome project, Business Briefing: Future Drug Discovery 2004, Ed: E Cooper, World Markets Research Center Ltd, London, 2004; 46-51. </li> <li>*Valet G., Cytomics: an entry to biomedical cell systems biology, Cytometry A. 2005 Feb; 63(2):67-8. </li> <li>*Van Osta P, Ver Donck K, Bols L, Geysen J., Cytomics and drug discovery., Cytometry A. 2006 Mar;69(3):117-8. </li> <li>*Wiacek C, Muller S, Benndorf D, A cytomic approach reveals population heterogeneity of Cupriavidus necator in response to harmful phenol concentrations, Proteomics 2006 Nov;6(22):5983-94. </li></ul>
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