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<strong><a href=" ">RIKEN Arabidopsis Phenome Information Database</a></strong>&nbsp;<br />
RAPID is a searchable site of phenotypic data in transposon-insertional mutants of Arabidopsis. RAPID represents about 4,000 transposon insertion lines which have the Ds transposon in gene coding region, and observed visible phenotypes systematically depend on growth stage. Phenotypic descriptions were classified into eight primary and fifty secondary categories, then all recorded images can be searched by the line number or the phenotype categories.<br />
&nbsp;</p><p><a class="external text" target="wpext" lid="" lpos="" el="" lpos="" lid="" href=""><font color="#800080"><br />
</font><font size="2"><strong>&nbsp;Mouse Phenome Project</strong></font></a><font size="2"><strong> </strong></font><br />
<font size="2">The MPD website will enable investigators to identify appropriate strains for: </font></p>
<li><font size="2">physiological testing </font></li>
<li><font size="2">drug discovery </font></li>
<br />
The genome of <em>C. elegans</em> was completely sequenced and approximately 20,000 genes are predicted. To identify genes that play crucial roles in the developmental program of this organism,&nbsp;They have been performing a systematic analysis of gene functions in <em>C. elegans</em> by a high-throughput RNA interference (RNAi)</font></li>
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