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<font size="2">The MPD website will enable investigators to identify appropriate strains for: </font></p>
<li><font size="2">physiological testing </font></li><li><font size="2">drug discovery </font></li><li><font size="2">toxicology studies </font></li><li><font size="2">mutagenesis </font></li><li><font size="2">disease onset and susceptibility </font></li><li><font size="2">new models of human disease </font></li><li><font size="2">QTL analyses and identification of new genes </font></li>
<li><font size="2">unraveling the influence of environment on genotype</font>&nbsp;<br />
<br />
<br />
The genome of <em>C. elegans</em> was completely sequenced and approximately 20,000 genes are predicted. To identify genes that play crucial roles in the developmental program of this organism,&nbsp;They have been performing a systematic analysis of gene functions in <em>C. elegans</em> by a high-throughput RNA interference (RNAi)</font></p>
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