Pseudo-omics and Nonsensomics


Pseudomes are omes that are not useful, not going to survive in omes jungles and not intuitively correct.

Omics is a progressive and useful concept in biology. It can revolutionize the way biology is done and how we see life in the future. However, omics fields itself is under evolution and natural selection. Some omics do not have livable niche. For example, translationomics does not have any distincive value at the moment while it should correspond to transcriptomics. As time goes by, practically useful omics will survive and go into the mainstream biology while some others will die out until revived in an unexpected way. These unviable omics can be collectively called pseudoomics and nonsensomics.

Economics: Omes can only survive with financial support. So economics is the environmental omics for all the omes.
junkome: Junk itself an ambiguous term.
Translationome: Proteome can include this area.
Translatome: Not clear what kind of ome it is. It can be a project name, though. Proteome can include this area.