Omics name registry


Omics name registry

Please put your new omics names here in any format you like. We will organize it in the classification and list for you. Or you can directly edit Alphabetically ordered list of omes and omics. Thanks, Lara Smithe.

e.g)  XXXomics: The omics study of XXXX, YYY, proposed in 1999 by  John Smith group.


Invariome: The complement of genes in an organism whose expression does not vary from one condition to another.  Proposed in 2007 by Sidders et al.

Biotoolomics: The omics study of standalone programs for biological inference including algorithm embodiment, parsing, visualization and etc.

Protectionomics: The omics study of human health protection through health promotion, prevention of disease, injury, and disability, and preparedness for emerging threats

Virtualomics: The number of virtual cell projects have been started from 90s.  Although many of them are mainly focus on the visualization of 'cell' figure or activities, the final goal of virtualomics is the making of the virtual cell object (not necessarily visualized) with the perfect simulation of cell reactions.

Ribosomics: the topics, themes study of ribosome and related to ribosome subjects in cell biology