Omics asks researchers to be openfree

Omics needs to be openfree for creativity and entrepreneurship.

Omics is about constructing an integrated knowledge network using very large amount of data. Biologists need to be generous in sharing data, DBs, algorithms and resources. 
Omics is a different paradigm of doing research as in the past where a small group of people disect problems in minute details to discover one or two functions of a small number of proteins or genes.

• Bioinformatics asks us to be openfreely share our data, DBs, experiments and publication
• Openfree License is needed such as, OpenAccess and  BioLicense
• More openaccess and free copyright journals are necessary (transparent reviewing is also better) 
• Cultural transition toward open and transparent publishing system is necessary to lead the future bioscience of the world
• Each omics needs to form clusters of biology research network.

Toward building an integrated biological mind or brain (biobrain)
This information is very useful for writing various  research papers.