From is a top level openhypertext web site for encouraging an openfree exchange of information in the fileds of omics. The idea of omics as a separate entity was served through is a test bed for implementing a system that is openfree and popular in biology. We omicists want to revolutionize the way science is done. We aim to achieve a very high level of conscious interaction among brains, databases, and knowledge. 
We think omics is a technological innovation in 21st century.

Who owns the copyrights and
You do. All of you!

How to use various Bio and Omics sites?

Editing Wiki based sites is easy.  No registration is required although it will be useful for you to track your writings and to be notified of updates via email after a very simple registration.

The information and materials of any Bio- and Omics sites under BioLicense are guaranteed to remain free.

Users are welcome to cite material from the wiki sites. Commercial users are also welcome to put their advertisement their products, materials and useful information.

BioFoundation has been proposing openfree Bio- and -Omics sites for easier and freer exchange of biological data, information and knowledge since 1995.

Why use Openfree Hypertext (such as Biowiki)?

Openfree Hypertext system such as this Biowiki and some blogs are a convenient way of storing data, notes, images and links about any aspect of biology.

You can choose to be notified by email of any change in the Biowiki, so it acts as an Internet forum where the information given by different people can be refined, merged and revised, resulting in coherent databases and tutorials.

The stored data are archived and can not be lost by accidents or vandalism.

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Who are we?
We are bioinformatists who have been constructing databases and programs for analyzing biological data. traffic rank