- Jong Bhak

Definition: Geromics is defined by Jong Bhak as the omics research field of stopping and reversing biological aging.

The biological study of understanding aging itself is gerontology. 

Geromics is a field of research and study of biological, chemical, physical, and informational aging of life forms. Geromics investigates the cause and mechanism of aging to stop and reverse aging.

Omics: Geromics is an omics study of biological aging(gerontology and rejuvenation). 

Engineering: It is also an engineering discipline to make people live longer and healthier.

Dieasomics: It involves technologies to make people immortal. However, its practical applications are more to do with disease mechanisms and treatment of them.


Principles of Geromics

1) Aging is a disease

2) Being immortal is natural

3) Evolution is neutral to death

4) Causes of aging are inherently programmed (predetermined)

5) It is possible to stop aging and reversing aging maintaining complete biological and mental health in humans.


See also Rejuvenomics

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