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Diagnomics is an omics field for molecular level diagnostics.

Diagnomics Inc. is a biomedical technology company in the heart of the Biotech Beach, in San Diego California.

Established in 2011.

The company focuses on products and services for personalized medicine based on personal genome and cutting edge bioinformatics analysis.

They aim to provide the highest possible quality genome sequencing service and annotation solutions from next generation sequencing (NGS) technology to guide personalized medicine based on an individual’s genetic information.

Diagnomics provides complete personal genome sequencing and bioinformatics solutions to biomedical researchers, physicians and individuals seeking to understand the genetic influence of personal health and disease. Led by internationally recognized genome and bioinformatics scientists and engineers, the Diagnomics’ team successfully sequenced and analyzed many normal and diseased human genomes including individuals with various cancers and rare genetic diseases.

Our vision is to develop a complete solution for personal genome sequencing and analysis pipelines, which will enable the sequencing of individual genomes as part of routine medical care. Our technology will provide individualized strategies for diagnosing, treating and preventing disease based on information obtained from personal genomes.

Diagnomics is seeking next round funding.