Acceptance of the concepts of omes and omics by biologists and systems scientists


Acceptance of ome and omics terms.

Some “-ome” other than “genome” are becoming useful. “Proteomics” has become well-established as a term for studying the proteome. Researchers have proposed other “-omes” which are becoming accepted within biology field. Omes and omics concepts provide a distinct knowledge layer for biologists especially when they become interested in high throughput experimental analyses. Modern biology is becoming an information sicence and such omes and omics classification can provide skeletons for various previously less well defined fields. For example, the term genetic study in the past could mean many different things for many different scientists while interactome study clearly sub divides a genetic study to the gene-gene, protein-protein or protein-ligand interactions in terms of large scale information processing to find some networked functional information. Omes and omics is one of the most convenient and extensive reformation of biology since evolution and inheritance concepts were proposed in mid 1800s and molecular sequences and structures were deciphered in 1960s and 1970s. Researchers are taking up the omes and omics very rapidly as shown in the use of the terms in pubmed in the last decade. Some biologists predict that biology will be restructured in the future by omes and omics concepts due to high throughput experimental technology and information technology.

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A case study : How much ome and omics in a journal "OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology" : The first journal  standing omics  is not fully speciallized yet.