AG AF100 4


Macrame necklaces are made from twisted or braided hemp. Beads or stones can be braided to the pattern for a unique look. In order to hold the hemp from coming undone and the beads from dropping out, it is critical to finish off the necklace and properly tie away the ends.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless


things you'll need:

Metal clasp

1 Braid each end of the necklace to the really finishs of the hemp. Tie any little knot on each side.

2 Trim off each and every excess hemp cords that are sticking out past the other cords.

3 Place the metal flap on the metal clasp over each end knot on the ends of the necklace. Fold the metal flap around the knot and squeeze it firmly to secure it. If the metal clasp remains a coil, wrap the coil around the cord below the knot.

AG UDEL: Making Macrame Bracelets or Chokers

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